Off-Road Diesel Fuel
for Patton, PA

Choose Jacobs Oil Company Inc. for Your Heating Oil Needs

Are you looking for off-road diesel fuel for Patton, PA? If so, call the team at Jacobs Oil Company Inc. For over 50 years, Jacobs Oil Company Inc. has provided premium off-road heating oil delivery service to Cambria County, PA. Our heating oil will keep your farm tractors, backhoes, bulldozers, and more running smoothly. Customers continually trust us because we always keep up with the latest laws. We also provide on-road diesel fuel for our loyal customers. For more information about our off-road heating oil products, give us a call at (814) 943-0379 or (800) 458-1408.

Keep Your Generators Running Smoothly in Patton, PA, and Beyond

When you need off-road diesel fuel, the best choice in Patton, PA, and surrounding areas is Jacobs Oil Company Inc. We take great pride in providing quality off-road diesel fuel for generators at an affordable price. The diesel fuel delivery at Jacobs Oil Company Inc. always adheres to the latest laws making it safe and legal. If you need off-road diesel fuel for your generator, give us a call today. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have about keeping your generator running.

We Also Proudly Supply Off-Road Diesel Fuel for Off-Road Equipment

Off-road equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, and bobcats do a lot of work and require a lot of diesel fuel. It is imperative to have the proper grade fuel and an adequate amount to keep equipment running smoothly. Here at Jacobs Oil Company Inc., we sell off-road diesel fuel to our customers and through public gas stations. Clear diesel fuel that does not contain any dye is on-road vehicle grade fuel used for off-road equipment. We proudly provide off-road diesel fuel at a fair price to keep your off-road equipment running smoothly.

Busses Need On-Road Diesel Fuel for Those Long Trips

Bus trips are a very popular way to travel these days. People love to take a bus trip to their favorite destination so they can experience the beautiful scenery without driving. For as long as those trips are, busses need a lot of on-road diesel fuel to keep going. At Jacobs Oil Company Inc., we take great pride in providing adequate on-road diesel fuel for busses and other vehicles. Clear diesel fuel is the proper grade on-road diesel fuel, and we can provide that at a reasonable price.

Jacobs Oil Company Offers Quality Customer Service to Patton, PA

Jacobs Oil Company Inc. strives to provide the best customer service to Patton, PA, every day. Throughout our existence, we have continued to grow and expand our skills to serve our customers better. Contact us today for heating oil, diesel fuel and to check out our winter schedule. We proudly serve the following locations:

Contact Jacobs Oil Company Inc. when you need off-road diesel fuel for Patton, PA.