Off-Road Diesel and Heating Oil for Hastings, PA
Jacobs Oil Company Inc

We Provide Off-Road Heating Oil for Hastings, PA

When you need off-road heating oil for Hastings, PA, choose Jacobs Oil Company Inc. Off-road diesel fuel is dyed red for tax purposes and used for off-road machinery like tractors, bulldozers, and generators. Jacobs Oil Company Inc.’s off-road diesel and heating oil strictly adheres to governmental regulations at all times. It is illegal for off-road diesel fuel to be used in licensed farm vehicle that operates on a road. We take great pride in providing safe and legal heating oil to our customers. Call us at (814) 943-0379 or (800) 458-1408 for more information on home heating oil.

Offering Quality Diesel Fuel Delivery for Farm Tractors and Much More

Tractors are very common in Hastings, PA, with local farms spread throughout the area. Any farmer knows that tractors are an essential part of farm maintenance. Because of that, they require adequate diesel fuel to stay running. Here at Jacobs Oil Company Inc., our staff provides premium off-road diesel fuel for tractors in the area. This red-dyed diesel fuel keeps tractors and other off-road machinery running smoothly. Our team will deliver off-road diesel fuel for tractors efficiently to ensure farmers stay on top of their routine maintenance. We also provide off-road diesel fuel for other equipment such as bulldozers and backhoes.

Our Staff Keeps Bulldozers Running for Area Construction Projects

Construction projects are an almost yearly occurrence in Hastings, PA, and surrounding areas. Old buildings are bulldozed, and then new structures are put in place. Bulldozers and other construction equipment require high-grade off-road diesel fuel to stay running. At Jacobs Oil Company Inc., construction workers trust us to provide adequate amounts of fuel for their projects. Some buildings take a while to demolish, and therefore, workers need more fuel to keep going.

Can Generators Run on Heating Oil? The Short Answer is: Yes

In the event of a power outage, generators can come in handy. Generators are a great source of home backup power. Heating oil is similar to diesel fuel, which normally is how generators run. Jacob’s Oil Company Inc’s heating oil can help generators run smoothly during a power outage or other remote power needs. If you need heating oil or diesel for your generator, give us a call today.

Our Diesel Fuel Delivery Can Stop Delays in Equipment Use

Jacobs Oil Company Inc. delivers off-road diesel fuel, on-road diesel fuel, and heating oil at scheduled times. Customers trust us for reliable delivery services to no matter what they need. We take great pride in providing on-time delivery service to our customers. Contact us today to check out our winter schedule and to book heating oil or diesel fuel delivery.

Hastings, PA, Trusts Jacobs Oil Company Inc. for All Fuel and Oil Needs

Our staff here at Jacobs Oil Company Inc. is proud to serve Hastings, PA, and:

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