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On & Off-Road Diesel

Call Today (814) 943-0379 Or Toll Free (800) 458-1408

On & Off-Road Diesel

On and Off-Road Diesel in Dysart, PA and Surrounding Area

On and Off-Road Diesel in Dysart, PA and Surrounding Area

Jacobs Oil Company Keeps Your Diesel Pickup Trucks and Tractors Running

When you are looking for on-road or off-road diesel fuel to purchase and be delivered, the clear choice in the northern region of Cambria County, Northern Blair County and Southern Clearfield County is Jacobs Oil Company Inc. Our clear diesel and dyed diesel will keep your pickup truck or your off-road vehicle like a farm tractor running smoothly. We keep up to date with the latest federal government laws about diesel fuel, so you can trust us to be aware of that information. Give us a call at (814) 943-0379 or toll free at (800) 458-1408 to order diesel fuel.

Jacobs Oil Company has quality clear diesel is used for on-road vehicles

Our Quality Clear Diesel is Used for on-Road Vehicles

Clear diesel, or fuel without dye added, is on-road vehicle grade fuel that is sold to the public at gas stations and by fuel providers like Jacobs Oil Company Inc. This fuel is used in vehicles that travel the roads of Central Pennsylvania like pickup trucks, commercial trucks and buses. We can provide you with quality on-road diesel at a fair price at your home or business.

Red-Dyed Diesel Runs Off-Road Machinery and Equipment

Off-road diesel fuel, or ultra low sulfur dyed diesel fuel is dyed red for tax purposes. Off-road diesel fuel is used only for off-road machinery like farm tractors, backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, bobcats, marine vessels, generators and other heavy equipment. Jacobs Oil Company Inc. strictly adheres to the governmental regulations regarding off-road diesel fuel. It is illegal to use off-road diesel fuel in the fuel tank of a licensed vehicle and a farm vehicle that operates on a highway or road.

Regular Diesel Delivery Will Prevent Delays in Equipment Use

As with delivery of home heating oil, Jacobs Oil Company can deliver your on-road or off-road diesel fuel at regularly scheduled times to keep your vehicles or equipment running without delays. Whether you need diesel fuel delivery service for a year, months or weeks, Jacobs can be depended on for reliable delivery. With our inventory monitoring system, we can ensure that your on-road or off-road vehicle or equipment never runs out of fuel.

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